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Review of Car and Driver

Car and Driver (sometimes known as CD or C/D) is an American monthly magazine about automobiles aimed squarely at automotive enthusiasts. The magazine was originally founded in 1955 as Sports Car Illustrated and focused mainly on small imported sports cars, but since 1961 has been Car and Driver and has had a general automotive focus.

Car and Driver is known for its irreverent tone, and honestly and straightforwardly describing what it perceives as deficiencies in underperforming vehicles ("telling it like it is") - it was among the first magazines to be strongly critical of American automobile manufacturers. The magazine is also unashamedly pro-automobile, and can sometimes enter into controversial political issues.

Finally Car and Driver and is known for its review methodology, and especially its extremely rigorous instrumental testing of automobiles, which have even in some cases revealed false claims by auto manufacturers.
  • Title: Car and Driver
  • Subject Matter: Automotive
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Language: English
  • Approximate Circulation: Over 1,200,000 (as of 2013)
  • Established: 1955 (as Sports Car Illustrated)

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Car and Driver

Print Magazine

Car and Driver
List Price: $59.88*
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Product Description:
Car and Driver is for the auto enthusiasts and in-market car buyers, providing thorough evaluations and road tests across all segments of vehicles, as well as information on technology, motorsports, gear and industry news.

Car and Driver

By Hearst Magazines

Hearst Magazines
Released: 2018-03-18
Kindle Edition

Car and Driver
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Product Description:
This magazine is for automobile enthusiasts interested in domestic and imported autos. Each issue contains road tests and features on performance, sports, international coverage of road race, stock and championship car events, technical reports, personalities and products. Road tests are conducted with electronic equipment by engineers and journalists and the results are an important part of the magazine's review section.

The Kindle Edition of this magazine includes Page View. In Page View, your magazines look just like the printed edition with all the photos and formatting.

Car and Driver - España

Hearst Magazines, S.L.
Released: 2018-01-09
Kindle Edition

Car and Driver - España
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Product Description:
Se dirige al conductor/consumidor con un enfoque eminentemente práctico

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